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TIMES: Twelve queue to be chosen for the first face transplant

In the next few weeks the 12 applicants will visit the renowned Cleveland Clinic in the United States, which will select the first recipient of a new face from a cadaver. The clinic received approval for the pioneering operation from its ethics board last year, though regulators in Britain and France had rejected the surgery.


Dr Siemionowは、成功の確立は50%で、ケースによっては悪くなる場合もあると断っているらしい。

As part of her preparations, Dr Siemionow rented a video of the 1997 film Face Off, starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, in which two characters swap faces. But Dr Siemionow says that unlike the film, the transplant recipient will not resemble the face donor because the underlying bone structure remains the same.

準備の一環として、『フェイスオフ』(1977, ジョン・トラボルタ ニコラス・ケイジ主演)のビデオをレンタルしただって(w


The unprecedented surgery touches on the deepest human feelings about identity. Some ethicists contend that facial disfigurement is not life- threatening and therefore not worth a lifetime on immuno suppressant drugs, which can be justified for other organ transplants. Dr Siemionow and other doctors argue that many disfigured patients are tormented by shame and depression.



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