For you

You are my children of laughter.
For you the moon will change its face.
For you the rainbow will rise full circle.
You are my children of hope.
For you the path will bend its destination.
For you the earth will forsake dry seasons.
You are my children of freedom.
For you the eagle will share its wings.
For you the wind will travel day and night.
You are my children of beauty.
For you the bird will give up its song.
For you the snow will fall with flowers.

Nancy C. Wood 『MANY WINTERS』R-11

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作成者: thinksell

creativity = chaos chaos = creativity Embrance it or die. フリーランス。開業から歯科医院のウェブサイトを制作していますが、いつの間にか歯科医院のデザインを提供している、らしいです。 自己評価は口八丁で綱渡り。やっぱり餅は餅屋が最適です。


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