Mototaka Fumimoto and pleasant friends

Congratulations! director. The director of a certain dental office opened the blog. It is "Mototaka Fumimoto and pleasant friends". This blog is very amuseing to me. There is Beverly Hills in this blog. What?! The staff of the dental office writing. How various!

I deeply respect the director, and envy. I will follow the director all the time.

Director and staff, wellcome to Blogosphere!

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creativity = chaos chaos = creativity Embrance it or die. フリーランス。開業から歯科医院のウェブサイトを制作していますが、いつの間にか歯科医院のデザインを提供している、らしいです。 自己評価は口八丁で綱渡り。やっぱり餅は餅屋が最適です。


  1. Certainly, sir. I’ll do what I can to help you. Please enjoy the Blogosphere as much as you. I wish your success in Yokohama on October 14.

  2. Thank you for Mr. thinksell and your excessive evaluation.
    What story we can create in the Blogosphere is the enjoyment.
    Please follow me in the future.


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